think research

making offices zoom friendly for the new way of working

The Challenge

Years ago we help out Think Research with their new offices, a time when everyone was in the office everyday. With all the events of 2020 the c-suite offices wallcoverings we had done years ago didn’t translate well for a digital zoom focused world. It’s a bit distracting having colourful dots emanating from the CEO’s head. So we created a soft focus abstract landscape wallcovering that not only feels amazing in the space but also doubles as a great backdrop. Printed on a subtle canvas textured material it picks up the light beautifully, giving a warm natural feel to the space. We love helping companies transition from their start up phase to a mature thriving company though thoughtful design.

The Challenge

The original wallcoverings we created were good for a 2016 tech space. But as a more mature company now a more refined look was called for.

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